SuprNova.org is creating entertaining content which is given to users free of charge. It is licensed under Creative Commons with the idea that everyone has the chance to view the content at any time, however they wish.

We encourage the users to download and distribute our content. Play it on your computer, TV, smart phone, tablet, etc. We want it all!

SuprNova.org is also constructing a brand new format of shows. We understand that many videos are either too long or take too long to get to the punch line. These short-format-shows are designed for your fast paced life. We know that you might be on your 5-minute break and want to watch something that is going to make you laugh. That is why we are dedicated to making shows, which are no longer than 3 minutes. Ideally they range from 15 to 45 seconds long.

Our goal is to also find other people interested in making shows that they love. Please submit us your shows or your show ideas. We want to work with you and make the world a little funnier, even if it’s just for 20 seconds.

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