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We are extremely happy to be able to announce that SuprNova.org is now accessible directly through the uTorrent client. Since we believe that you should be able to access our content any way you wish, this is an incredible addition. Open your uTorrent client (if you do not have apps in your uTorrent, you might need to upgrade the client), browse to Apps and find the SuprNova app from the App Studio! A big thanks goes to BitTorrent Inc. for adding our app to their list!

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  • Webations

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  • Webations

    As I was saying, Having SuperNova conveniently located within the uTorrent updated version, it is so easy to access everything on this and i love uTorrent anyways. I am a serious Newbie and feel quite dumb yet, and probably will for a while. So please be patient with me everyone.Im learning 

  • http://www.iranmct.com/ Anonymous
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