1000 Things I Hate

Remembering People

Christopher hates remembering people

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  • http://www.facebook.com/marcdehugar Marc Lee Dé Hugar

    I just cant be bothered wasting my effort or time on near everyone. I know or they know and then I can assume the same for anyone in the future… but I will never know because I  have metaphorically sown my eys and mouth shut. now

  • Raycu333

    everything sucks. be happy anyway

  • bluesun

    things i hate. waiting for people i hate to update the things they hate

  • Lucas da silva


  • http://www.brfe.net/ ayumi yu

    i’m trying to remember the people i met once or twice. we might bumb with each other on the sidewalks.


  • Dj Na Wesele Poznań

    Recently I found that I do have some difficulty in remembering people’s names – especially those who I see for the first time… Sometimes it is a source of funny situations… Cheers – Dj Na Wesele Poznań

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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