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Animated Infographic About Social Media

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  • Raffidominguez

    this is an excellent fast info tool, both for general people and for english teachers like me who want to use it as a teaching tool.

  • Sagar A


  • Patrick Duncan

    You have a pretty voice, but I can read. Try mixing it up a bit.

  • OnJanea White

    Could You Make A Episode About Depression?

  • Koyote

    None of those are Infographics. Try having a quantity based link between the data and the visuals. Writing down numbers Info.

  • social media agency

    I am not surprised about You Tube. My father is 65 and he can barely check his online. However, he watches You Tube everyday. It is about the only thing on the internet he does. He really is addicted to it.

  • Anonymous

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  • Michael steward

    thanks for the information…. its usefull for me

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