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TorrentFreak TV: Google Gives Testimony on IsoHunt Lawsuit

3rd party testimony from Google on a lawsuit between IsoHunt and MPAA.

TorrentFreak TV: Music Industry Alive, File-sharing Decreased, David Bowie Album Leaked, Fanimation Pirating

Music industry isn’t dead, file sharing decreased, David Bowie’s album ‘Toy’ leaked and Fanimation caught using pirate tools.

TorrentFreak TV: Pirate Bay Founder Missing, LimeWire Settles, Major Uploader Busted

One of The Pirate Bay founders (Anakata) has gone missing, LimeWire settles with major record labels and a major uploader of over 1000 movies gets busted.

TorrentFreak TV: Re-Launch

Announcing a new season of TorrentFreak TV and SuprNova relaunch.

TorrentFreak TV: S02E12

Return of, Famous film director helping a person accused of sharing songs, Artists make more money than ever before and Burnbit lets you share files online faster.